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Lilli Pilli Mid-Century Modern Design

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Mid century modern new home – Lilli Pilli

Combining two sites with extensive water views, our clients wanted a statement house that would also be a comfortable home for their young family. With an initial desire for a conventional pitched roof it became apparent through the design process that a classic Modernist architectural approach would better deliver on the two main aspects of their brief.

Having such a large house, to create interest and break down the mass from the street we used a mix of natural toned materials and colours juxtaposed with a strong white base. We also included a high degree of transparency and screening by including both an internal carport and extensive use of louvres.

Strong connections to the landscaping over multiple levels was critical for what is in effect a 4 storey home over a steeply sloping site. Engagement at the top level via a bridge from the bedroom and at the lowest level with a striking lap pool was seamless and practical at the same time. Indoor and outdoor flow has been maintained and promoted wherever the opportunity has arisen.

Passive solar design principles have been intrinsically engineered into all aspects of the design. A high level of insulation throughout all walls and roof, combined with carefully calculated overhangs in relation to solar heat gain keeps this large house at a comfortable temperature all year round with minimal intervention required to heat or cool. Though mid-century modern in style it is well and truly a contemporary green house with regards to thermal performance.

Naturally a home of this size needs to be carefully explained to both neighbours and council and concerns re bulk and massing and overshadowing/view loss were quickly resolved by meetings with both and the presentation of 3D images and solar modelling.

Overall the result is an incredible home that is visually engaging from the street without being ostentatious or overbearing. Internally there is an open flow over multiple levels that can be either continuous or divided up in to practical and intimate zones for more effective heating and acoustic or visual privacy.