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Avantra Apartments – Mascot Architectural Design and Management

Avantra Apartments - High Density Residential Architecture

Eco-friendly 330 unit apartment block – Botany Council Currently in construction. Our daring client wanted a landmark statement development to establish themselves as one of the premier developers in Australia. They also...

Uptown – Roseville Apartments on Sydney’s North Shore

Uptown Apartments - living

Gracious and classical 220 unit apartment building – Kuringai Council When our client advised they had bought a whole street in Sydney’s North Shore suburb of Roseville we were thrilled and mortified! How...

Futra – Mascot

Futra External

State of the art 54 unit apartment building – Botany Council Recently completed. The site is triangular in nature and very constrained. Our design solution referenced a sailing boat in its sleek...

Windsor Road – Northmead